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Foetal Juice CDs

Image of Foetal Juice CDs


A choice of 4 Foetal Juice CDs:

1. Masters of Absurdity - Debut full length album.

Released on Grindscene Records on December 2nd 2016.
Recorded at Skyhammer studios by Chris Fielding.
Mastered by Russ Russell.

2. Split CD of Foetal Juice and Human Landfill

Featuring the Foetal Juice single 'Albert Grindstein'
Released on Grindscene Records on March 9th 2015

3. Big Trouble in Little Vagina

5 track EP
Release date: october 7th 2013
Artwork By Chris Henry
Grindscene records

4. A Split Worse Than Death

Foetal Juice
Basement Torture Killers

Released on Grindscene Records